Languages - Chinese

Languages - Chinese

2013 Summer School information
AKS - updated documents coming soon
  • Kindergarten brochure
  • 1st grade brochure
  • 2nd grade brochure
  • 3rd grade brochure
  • 4th grade brochure
  • 5th grade brochure

Area Board Meetings
BeThere Tip Sheets


Choice Book - updated documents coming soon
  • Math sequence of courses from Choice Book
  • 4-year plan Worksheet


Flu Brochure


Health, Wellness, and Safety
HOPE Information



Parent Portal - documents to come
Promotion and Graduation- updated documents coming soon
  • 3rd Grade Promotion Requirements
  • 4th Grade Promotion Requirements
  • 5th Grade Promotion Requirements
  • Promotion Criteria for Grades 6-8
  • 7th Grade Promotion Requirements
  • 8th Grade Promotion Requirements

Registration Documentation

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