GCPS to hold public hearing on IE2 contract amendment on April 18 from 6-6:45 p.m.

GCPS to hold public hearing on IE2 contract amendment on April 18 from 6-6:45 p.m.

In January of 2009, the Gwinnett County Board of Education received approval from the State Board of Education for the district's IE2 Partnership Contract with the State Department of Education. Gwinnett's IE2 Partnership Contract, including the strategic plan and all school plans, provides the local schools and school district with flexibility from 13 laws and accompanying State Board rules. This flexibility is coupled with accountability measures which were identified for each school that call for schools to meet annual performance targets for the five years of the contract.

Since 2009, Gwinnett schools have used the flexibility to increase student performance by implementing innovative learning experiences such as flexible schedules and integrated courses, as well as using blended program models. However, since the contract was originally approved, a number of things have changed locally and at the state level, including the addition of new schools and changes in the state graduation rule that call for the Georgia High School Graduation Tests to be replaced by End of Course Tests (EOCT).

As a result, Gwinnett County Public Schools has developed an amendment to the initial contract. The amendment provides achievement targets for 16 new schools that have opened since the fall of 2009 and ensures the contracts are relevant based on changes to the state graduation rule and the transition to EOCTs. It should be noted that these measures go beyond the accountability requirements for any school without an IE2 contract.
The proposed plans for the 16 schools that have opened since 2009 (Anderson –Livsey ES, Archer HS, Bay Creek MS, Burnette ES, Couch MS, Ferguson ES, Grace Snell MS, Jenkins ES, Lanier HS, Mountain View HS, North Gwinnett MS, Roberts ES, Starling ES, Twin Rivers MS, White Oak ES, and Woodward Mill ES) as well as the revisions to the 15 existing high school contracts are available on the school system’s web site. (Note that the contract is not available yet for Moore MS as it does not have enough data to establish a baseline at this point.)

The school system will hold a public hearing regarding the contract amendment on Thursday, April 18, from 6-6:45 p.m. prior to the Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting. The public hearing will take place at the district’s Instructional Support Center (ISC), located at 437 Old Peachtree Road in Suwanee. After receiving public input, the Gwinnett Board of Education will take action on the amendment. It is anticipated the amendment to the IE2 contract will be ready to submit to the State Board of Education for consideration at its May meeting.
Gwinnett IE2 Amendment Details
Elementary/ Middle Schools
(No changes for existing schools. Amendment includes targets and school plans for schools opening since the fall of 2009.)
    · Continues to use the CRCT.
    · Continues to call for increasing percentages of students to “Exceed” in the areas of Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics and to “Meet” and “Exceed” in Science.
All High Schools (Amendment will establish targets for high schools that have opened since 2009 and will change the metric for existing high schools.)
    · Proposes a change from the Georgia High School Graduation Tests to the state’s End of Course Tests (EOCT).
    · In terms of achievement, the revised contract continues to call for increasing percentages of students to score in the higher performance levels; however, the test for measuring achievement has changed. It now calls for increasing percentages of students to “Exceed” on the American Literature and Composition and Mathematics II tests and to “Meet” or “Exceed” on the Biology EOCT.

Contract Amendment
Local School Plans: New Schools Since 2009 and Existing High Schools