Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing

Students who are interested in competing in a global society can learn more through Marketing courses. Students who are in Marketing classes may further develop their skills through participation in DECA, a student organization.

Marketing Principles

This course provides an overview of the total Marketing Education program and its components. The class presents employment opportunities in marketing, prepares students for job interviews, incorporates human relations and communications in business, and explores the role of marketing in our economy. Marketing functions, marketing concepts, channels of distribution, special markets, and trends in marketing are taught. A study of retail operations, career opportunities, store location and layout, organizational structure, and merchandising policies are covered. This course emphasizes the various methods to promote goods and services. Advertising, media selection, display techniques, ad layout principles, and the basic steps in selling are explored. Product service technology, human relations, and communications are covered. Students must apply their knowledge in a promotional simulation.

Introduction to Fashion Marketing

This course describes the environment in which fashion thrives. The class introduces the terminology and basic elements of fashion, identifies the factors that influence fashion behavior, and gives an historical perspective of fashion. It traces the movement of fashion, identifies fashion leaders and followers, and explores each of the fashion industries. Students learn methods of promotion, selling, and coordination, as well as the development of a fashion image.

Advanced Fashion Marketing

Prerequisite - Introduction to Fashion Marketing

/This course focuses on the application of knowledge and the performance of key skills required in a retail environment. Students will develop skills in pricing, visual merchandising, advertising, special promotions, professional sales, and customer service.

See your school counselor for more information.

  • Store Managers
  • Retail Marketing Coordinators
  • Merchandising Managers
  • Merchandise Buyers
  • Operations Managers
  • Visual Merchandise Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Sales Associates
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Clerks
  • Administrative Support
  • Representatives (e.g, human resources, clerical, finance, technical)
  • Business to Business Salesperson


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