Energy Systems

Energy Systems

Foundations of Engineering and Technology

Foundations of Engineering and Technology is the introductory course for the Engineering and Energy Systems Pathways. This course provides students with opportunities to develop technological literacy as they learn about the history, systems, and processes of invention and innovation.

Energy and Power Technology *

This is an introductory course that explores the relationship between force, work, energy, and power. Students study the characteristics, availability, conversion, control, transmission, and storage of energy and power. Students will explore and apply the principles of electrical, fluid, and mechanical power.

Appropriate and Alternative Energy Technologies *

Students will develop an understanding of the differences between nonrenewable, renewable, and inexhaustible energy sources. Alternative energy sources will be researched to include the regional implications and economic, environmental, and sustainability issues. Students will evaluate the positive and negative impacts of nuclear power and future trends of energy, power, and transportation. Through research, they will develop alternative energy systems that will demonstrate their understanding of a unique, as well as appropriate, approach to energy generation.

* Course counts as 4th science credit

See your school counselor for more information.


  • Telecommunication Technicians
  • Equipment, Cable, Line Repairers/Installers
  • Computer Programmers, and Systems Analysts
  • Electrician
  • Boilermaker
  • Electronics Technician
  • Power Plant Operator
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Geothermal, Chemical Engineers
  • Electronics Engineering Technician
  • Engineering Technician
  • Mining Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Hazardous Waste Technician
  • Pipefitters/Pipe layers
  • Value/Regulator Repairers
  • Greenpower Marketing
  • Meteorologist
  • Windsmiths
  • Geologist


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