Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology LONG VERSION


The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST) is an exciting, new learning initiative in Gwinnett County Public Schools. GSMST is a charter school and its mission is to focus on nurturing the talents of academically able students through a challenging, unique, and integrated curriculum. This school will be a place where . . .

  • Students can enhance their commitment, focus, and curiosity
  • Students learn advanced applications of mathematical, scientific, and technological knowledges
  • Literature, humanities, and arts are an integral part of a well-rounded, broad curriculum
  • Global studies, international culture, and foreign language are woven into the curriculum as part of students’ preparation for postsecondary studies at top-notch universities
  • Universities, businesses, and foundations are linked in support of the development of each student’s high potential
  • Research and formal project presentations are expected of all students


Through specialized centers, Gwinnett’s newest educational environment offers students an opportunity to pursue mathematics and scientific inquiry and discovery in three broad focus areas:

ENGINEERING: Aerospace Design & Application, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Engineering

BIOSCIENCE: Biomedical Design, Biotechnology, and Forensic Science

EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Robotics, Nanotechnologies, and GPS Applications

The 9th grade courses, in which all students will enroll, include Advanced Geometry/Discrete Mathematics, Advanced Physics/Chemistry, Introduction to Humanities, Fundamentals of Engineering, Fine Arts options including Chorale, Ensembles, Winds, Strings, Symphony; Foreign Languages in Chinese or Japanese, Health & Fitness, and applications and research through I-SET, applications and research (integrated Science, Engineering, and Technology). All courses are designed to be supportive of the three primary focus areas listed above.

Some of the Career and Technical Education classes offered this year at GSMST include: Engineering Concepts, Foundations of Electronics, Engineering Applications, Aeronautical Engineering, Architectural Drawing and Design I & II, AP Computer Science, Intermediate Programming, Advanced Robotics, and Appropriate/Alternative Energy.

Interactive & On-line Instruction: In addition to highly interactive courses on campus, the program offers students the option of interacting with schools around the world in the completion of projects and in enrolling in on-line courses through Gwinnett County’s Online Campus.

Flexible Scheduling: Students will attend for a full day, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Students may also elect to be involved in the on-line/blended courses in which instructor-led classes are linked to online components of a course or project.

Partnerships: The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology provides broad, rigorous exposure to global and cultural issues, foreign languages, humanities, literature, and art as they enhance student achievement in engineering, biosciences, and emerging technologies. The pursuit of high-level inquiry and discovery embraces university and business partnerships that allow our students to see first-hand the world of scientific and mathematical applications, achievement, and potential. Partnership development is active and vital to the success of the program and its students. The Georgia Institute of Technology and Scientific Atlanta are initial partners in the planning for the school. Links to university, community, and industry partnerships will ensure diverse connections.

Academic success at GSMST requires dedication and motivation. Students committed to excellence who are interested in attending GSMST should closely examine the registration information to ensure they are prepared for the rigor of the school. Contact your middle school counselor for additional details and information on deadlines or visit the GSMST web site...


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