Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

In an on-campus professional studio setting— equipped with the same “true-to-life” technology that any high-end, professional recording studio would have— students will learn about the technology and methods used in the recording and production of music and sound. In addition to learning the processes of tracking, overdubbing, mixing in multi-track recording, mastering, and CD/ DVD/tape replication, students will study the mixing console, amplifiers, speakers, tape machines, channel strips, master sections, microphone setups, and digital workstations.

Audio Engineering Foundations of Sound/Recording

Advanced Recording/Post-Production

Advanced Composition *

Multi-Channel and Applied Digital Audio

* Course counts as a senior language arts credit for graduation and toward entrance requirements for a Board of Regents college.

See your counselor for more information.

  • Recording Engineer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Musician
  • Producer
  • Recording Studio Owner
  • Session Musician
  • Arranger/Composer


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