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Dedication Plaque

Robert L. Campbell Parenting Center


Kathy Floyd, Coordinator

"Providing a brighter future for pregnant and parenting high school students and their children."

Parenting Center Staff

Connie H Clark, Mary Hage, Lisa Majors, Eileen Miller, and Donna T. Scott


The purpose of the Robert L. Campbell Parenting Center is to provide an opportunity for young teens that become pregnant for the first time to continue their education. The Parenting Center goals are: these teen mothers will complete high school, not get pregnant a second time while in school and develop parenting and life skills so that that they can support themselves and their child.


The Campbell Parenting Center is named in memory of Robert L. Campbell, the first principal of Phoenix High School and founder of the Parenting Center. Mr. Campbell envisioned a program within Phoenix which would provide quality child care and support to pregnant and parenting students. The Parenting Center was established in April 1992 and averages 12 graduates per school year.

Contact Information: Kathy Floyd, Coordinator; e-mail: kathy_floyd@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

Child Care

On-site child care is provided during first, second and third periods to Phoenix students who qualify for the Parenting Center program. Eighteen infants and toddlers up to 2 years old are cared for in a loving environment by qualified staff and student aides. The small enrollment allows for one-on-one care and the use of developmentally appropriate activities. While any pregnant and parenting Phoenix student may enroll in the Early Childhood Education courses, there are additional requirements for the use of the child care center. Call or email for more information.

Enrollment Requirements

To be considered for the Parenting Center at Phoenix High School, students must reside within the Gwinnett County Public School district and be able to provide their own transportation. Parenting Center students must meet all Phoenix High School enrollment requirements. Additionally, Parenting Center students can have only one child and must be able to provide a birth certificate and immunization form 3231 for that child. To remain eligible the students must delay a second pregnancy until after graduation. Generally, students enrolled in the Parenting Center are 16-18 years old. Call or email with specific questions regarding enrollment requirements.

Student Responsibilities

Campbell Parenting Center students must agree to abide by Phoenix High School rules, as well as Parenting Center rules, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To behave at all times as a responsible student and parent.
  • To consider the use of the child care a privilege.
  • To save the 3 absences per mini-semester for when their child is sick.
  • To pass all classes and not drop a class for any reason.
  • To delay a second pregnancy until after high school graduation.
  • To understand that in breaking any Parenting Center rule, the student runs the risk of losing the privilege of child care.

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Facts about Teen Pregnancy

  • 24 Gwinnett 10-14 year olds became teen moms in 2006.
  • 391 Gwinnett 15-17 year olds became teen moms in 2006.
  • 762 Gwinnett 18-19 year olds became teen moms in 2006.
  • 8 in 10 teen pregnancies are unintended.
  • 30% of teen moms get pregnant again within 24 months.
  • Teen moms who stay in school are almost as likely to graduate as girls who do not become pregnant.
  • One third of teen moms receive a high school diploma.
  • High school dropouts are two times more likely to be unemployed and their earnings are likely to be half as much as a high school graduate.
  • High school graduates earn twice the income over their lifetime as high school dropouts.
  • Teen moms who graduate from high school increase their chances of not being on welfare by up to 3 times over teen moms who drop out of school.
  • 80% of teen mom dropouts end up on welfare.
  • The children of teen moms have poorer school performance and are less likely to complete high school than those born to older mothers.

sources: National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Georgia DHR, Division of Public Health


Early Childhood Education Pathway classes are taught as a part of the Parenting Center. All Phoenix students, including pregnant and parenting students, whose career interests are in Health and Human Services (ex: Education and Medical) are encouraged to take these classes.

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