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Credit Recovery

Last Update:
August 6, 2013

Credit Recovery Program

Cheryl D. Deas, Bronwyn Hogan, and Anna Meacham

Almost Passed?

Instead of taking that class all over again, you might be able to take Credit Recovery (CR). CR is a different way of earning credit. With CR, you are in charge of all of your learning. As a good listener, note taker, and problem solver, you have a unique opportunity to prove to an outside audience that you really remember most of that course you just barely failed. You have test-out questions that allow you to move faster through the coursework. Best of all, when you have completed the course, you do not have to come back to class.

Let your advisor or counselor know that you are interested in taking a class.
Make sure that you have failed a class with a 6069.

How Do I Achieve Success?

Be an independent learner.
Be a good note taker.
Be willing to ask pertinent questions.
Read and write well.
Be a problem solver.
Think positively.
Be able to focus on a difficult subject.
Ask for advice.
Enjoy technology.
Come to class every day.

Available Courses
Either Semester of
Freshman Language Arts
Sophomore Language Arts
Junior Language Arts
Senior Language Arts
Algebra I
Algebra II
Physical Science
US History
World History
Political Systems

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